Miroslava Malyshkina – Malinovskaya



Date of birth 2013, Height 121 cm.

Slender, long brown hair, brown eyes.
Hardworking, not capricious, constant, knows how to clearly fulfill the set acting task, communicative
Loves animals, especially dogs


  • Online School BIT (Safe Internet Territory, secondary school)
  • Has studied acting since the age of 3 in cinema school «Children of Cinema»
  • Studying English language for acting with a personal language teacher
  • British Tudor School (English)
  • Russian sports school of karting from the age of 4.
  • Individual piano lessons


  • Cinema, acting – from 3 years old
  • Karting – from 4 years old
  • Bicycle, scooter, skate
  • Capoeira
  • Design, projecting, modeling, drawing
  • Model


  • 2022 – the film “Nuremberg”trailer,  the role of Elsie, dir. Nikolai Lebedev,(Czech Republic, Germany, Russia)  international project, c/c Cinema Production, Universal
  • 2022 – the film “From Scratch” (“С Нуля”), the role of Vera, Good story media
  • 2022 – the film “Angels live on a rainbow” («Ангелы живут на радуге»), the main role of Lina-Angel. directed by Lana Vishnevskaya
  • 2020 – the film “No Escapes” (“Огонь”) – trailer, IMDB , dir. Alexey Nuzhny, c/c TRITE
  • 2020 – the film “Streltsov” (“Стрельцов”) – trailer, IMDB, the role of Mila, the daughter of football player Eduard Streltsov (Alexander Petrov), dir. Ilya Uchitel, c/c Rockfilm
  • 2022- the film “No one knows / Children”  («Никто не узнаёт/Дети”) the role is the daughter of the protagonist. Yuri Bykov, dir. Zvantseva, producer Todorovsky
  • 2019 – the film “The sky is measured in miles” (“Небо измеряется Милями”) – trailer , the role of Lena Mil, daughter of Mikhail Mil (Eugene Stychkin)
  • 2018 – the film “Shooter” (“Куратор”) –  trailer, role – Kira, granddaughter of the protagonist (Yuri Tsurilo).
  • 2020 “two coasts”
  • 2018 “Raya Knows”

Filming in commercial advertisements:

  • SMP Bank with “Russian rocket” hockey player Pavel Bure.
  • Toy.ru with actor Gosha Kutsenko – ad video
  • Introduction video of Nickelodeon channel
  • Presenter on the children’s TV channel “Karusel”.

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